Finnish Virtual Pilots Association's IL-2 Battle of Stalingrad server's statistics page
Information about the server
Basic idea (tl;dr version):
1) Destroy 50% of enemy tank base. -> Own base will attack the enemy base and a timer starts.
2) Before timer runs out, destroy more objects at enemy tank base and defend own base. -> Own base will have better chance of success in attack.
3) Repeat until combat reaches enemy airfield. -> Airfield capturing enabled (for the airfield that was reached).
4) Shoot / bomb enemy airfield until it's "closed".
5) Conquer said airfield with paratroopers (land "paras" plane on the closed field and finish flight).
6) Repeat until whole map is conquered. -> Victory! -> Map is reset.

Chat commands
<tl - tells the remaining current mission time
<field alias - for example: if Chistovitsi field's alias happens to be "f1" the command would be "<field f1". This tells you the field status (open/closed), how many ground objects are alive, and the percentage destroyed. This command also works for combat zones (use combat zone number, next to tanks bases in the map, for example "Tank base - 1606" -> "<field 1606").
<planes (alias) - Without airfield alias, the "<planes" command will list the plane amount for every airfield (that is currently in the mission). If you have spawned an airplane to the airfield, then the system knows your side, and will only list the airfields on that side, otherwise (if you've just entered the server for example) it will list the airfields on both sides. The command can be used also with an airfield alias, for example "<planes f13", which would only tell the situation on airfield f13. Recommended for less chat clutter :)

Discord available at

Longer version:
Conquest / capturing:
The map has several airfields, which in the start are 50% german, 50% russian. Between airfields there are combat zones (aka Tank Bases). Choose a side and start attacking enemy tank bases (consisting of tanks, AAA, artillery, dugout, fuel and ammo). When 50% of the enemy line is destroyed, own tanks (virtual ones) launch an attack from own defensive lines. After 30 minutes the battle is resolved by taking into account the status of BOTH bases. The attack skill of the tanks is determined by the status of your base, and the defense skill by the enemy base. These skills are then used to make opposed dice rolls to determine the result. So, when you attack the enemy, you will also have to take care of your own base. When the battle is won, the combat moves to the direction of the enemy. When enough successive combat zones have been won, an enemy airfield is reached. When this happens, airfield can now be captured.

Attack the enemy airfield by destroying the ground targets (AAA, hangars, radar, static airplanes, fuel tanks, ammo dumps, vehicles etc.) there. Pro-tip: destroy the radar first to even out the defender advantage! When 80% or more of the airfield objects are destroyed, the field is "closed". When a field is closed, no one can takeoff from there. When a ground object is destroyed, an individual respawn timer starts. When it runs out, the ground object is respawned again. If a field is closed, and then enough objects respawn to bring it below the 80% limit, the field opens for use again.

When a field is closed, the attacking side can bring in paratroopers with a transport plane to capture the field. For this, you can use He-111, Ju-52 and Pe-2 (named "germanparas" and "russianparas" respectively). The capturing is done by landing and finishing the flight on the airfield (without major damage). Alternatively, Ju-52 can be used to drop paratroopers on the field. 10 out of 12 must land alive on the airfield. It can take up to 40s for the capture message to appear after this. Clarification: The adjacent combat zone must be won, and the airfield closed before the airfield can be captured. The airfield CAN be closed before the combat zone is won, and the other way round, but they BOTH have to be done for the capture to work.

Depots are linked to the adjacent tank battles or airfields and are captured when the tank battle is won or the airfield captured. Factories are linked to the adjacent airfield and are captured with the airfield.

Conversely, while the airfield is closed, the defending side can bring in a "repair" plane (combat pioneers and equipment) which will reduce the respawn time of many of the field objects by a fair amount, possibly opening the field right away. Also here, Ju-52 can be used to drop repair canisters for the same effect.

It is also possible to repair the destroyed buildings of a factory by bringing a "repair" plane to the airfield next to the factory. The airfield needs to be open for this to work.

When the field is captured and after enough ground objects respawn, the field opens, and is now in use for the attacking side. The process is fully dynamic, and the field can be recaptured by the opposite side after next mission reload (if they win a combat zone next to the airfield...).

The mission has a supply and repair system. In addition to factories, we have smaller depots and naval convoys. Factory objects have a static respawn time of 36h. Depot objects respawn time depends on the distance to the nearest factory. For all other objects the respawn time depends on the distance to the nearest friendly depot or factory, which ever is closer. Take this into account when attacking tank bases or airfields. It might be near impossible if you don't take out the nearby depot first!

The airfields are supplied with fresh planes by the factories. The interval in which they are supplied depends on the distance to the nearest factory. So, as the battle moves further away from the friendly factories, the plane supply will also get more scarce.

Pilots can bring supply to the fields as necessary with supply planes, aptly named "supply". Supply planes are available at rear fields, plus airstart.

When all the airfields but one on the map are captured by one party, it is considered as victory, and the map is reset to original setting. The last field doesn't need to be captured, as it would be hellish for the defending side to be forced to take off from a field that is under attack, with no alternative fields available.

Rotating plane set (RPS):
The server plane set that is roughly based on the plane's historical appearance on the battlefield, so you will have contemporary axis planes vs. allied planes. The set is rotated (advanced in time) periodically.

When you buy an airplane, it is taken from the supply of airplanes for that airfield. When you land a plane to an airfield, it adds to the supply of that airfield.
Rotating plane set

Mission scale:
A maximum of 2 battles are randomly picked from the possible ones to keep the mission size down. For every one of those 2 battles, the nearest airfields (from both sides) are taken into the mission, then depots, then factories. If it happens that tank base has its tanks rolling, or the airfield is enabled for capture (as described earlier), and we hit the mission time limit, then they are automatically taken to the next mission.

Mission cycle:
Normally mission goes in ~6h cycles (from approximately dawn -> mid day and afternoon -> dusk) reloading in between. Reloading doesn't reset the map situation, but is saved, so the war can wage infinitely in theory. The season changes after every 2 missions (summer -> summer -> autumn -> autumn -> winter -> winter and so on...). The weather is randomized for every mission, meaning cloud types and heights, wind strength and direction, and precipitation all change for every mission.

As the mission objects are not taken into the mission by default, when you successfully win a tank battle, the next one isn't instantly available to take on. Instead, the next battles come available in the next mission rotation. So when you win a battle, go to the next available. When they run out, even if there is mission time left, the mission will rotate to give you new battles.

Motti tactics:
Because of the scale, and alternative attack routes you can take, this enables motti (aka encirclement) tactics. If you are able to encircle enemy into a motti(or pocket), the respawn times of objects will be infinite -> destroying and capturing targets becomes very easy.

Map situation visualization:
In-game, the situation is visualized by both a border line, and series of colored(blue/red/black) lines between airfields, factories and depots. Blue is German, red is Allied and black is no-mans-land. The colored lines represent all the possible routes, through which the battle can progress. For example, let's say there is a tank battle (represented by the opposing tank bases) on the border. You can see black lines extending to two directions from the battle. Where the line color changes (usually there is also an angle in the line as well) there is the next step along the route. That step can be another tank battle or an airfield. If you can see the black line extending from a tank battle to an adjacent airfield, then that airfield becomes capturable if the opposing team wins the tank battle. If there is a segment of colored line between the tank battle and the airfield, then there is still more battles between them.

Our server is also linked with the The map situation visualization is available here:

Server rules:
-This is a total war server, so basically no rules, so any dirty trick you can imagine, if it helps to defeat the enemy, it's ok :) ... Attacking airfields basically demands for vulching, etc.
- No teamkilling, this includes ground targets. There's now an automatic system in place to detect this, and players will be punished if they TK. If you are a victim of a false positive, give us an email.
- Gentleman rules are of course appreciated. No insulting other players. No chutekilling.

Server settings currently:
- full real
- no icons
- no payload restrictions(mostly, some RPS limitations)

For voice comms you can use the dedicated channel on the official BoS Teamspeak server, details here:

Welcome to the server!